It's free to contact us has the philosophy:  "It's free to go to the doctor". No-one should ask for any help in a bad situation, and then be presented by a bill!
Likewise, schools, students, journalists and others who do research, should be allowed to draw on our competences for free.

Our pricing model is simple: Transport and accommodation must be covered  for a task that deals with a paranormal case. - Unless otherwise agreed, of course.

Donate - what's up with that!

"Likes" and "Thumbs-up" provide energy. However, as we work on a voluntary basis, we are grateful for any donation that allows us to:

Get fuel on the car, so we - oneday - can help people for free!
Get upgraded scientific equipment and receive courses so we can become more effective.
Cover costs associated with our tasks.
Pay for advertising so we can spread our message.

On this page, we will from time to time disclose, what the donations have been used for!


You donate easily by clicking the link below. You will be taken via PayPay, which is a secure payment method. Remember to write your email address. If we receive a donation, we will ask if you want to be greatefully noted on this page as support. Of course, we do not mention the amount!
You can also donate via regular account transfer - contact us for further details.