Currently, much is being told in the Danish media about "quackery" (January 2019).

The concept covers (especially) a person who, without authorization, acts as a doctor.

We sometimes experience witnesses contacting us, on the basis of an obvious situation where life or
health is at risk for the witness or the family of the witness. take great distance to an unprofessional approach to a situation that can potentially make an injury bigger, or even put lives at stake.

Our integrity means that we act in a given case, if we see that the witness has a disease or is in an environment that makes the witness or relatives ill.

We will never advise a witness in violation wth another professional or ethical rule. Eg. advise a witness to stop taking his medication.

However, we still solve our tasks with an open mind. In a practical case where a witness has felt haunted, the cause has been a defective stove which emitted lethal amounts of chimney gas (CO gas). The witness was simply poisoned and immediately got better after the stove was repaired.