offers inspection of homes or locations with inexplicable activity.
Yo can allways contact us for free.

Maybe you experience:

  • inexplicable sounds, sights or apparitions in the home
  • things move unexplained.
  • feelings of  being watched.
  • unknown phenomena, inside or outside.

We are a team, that by using scientific methods will:

  • take every inquiry serious.
  • document unexplained events
  • Try to discover natural reasons for alleged hauntings
  • Try to discover the history behind alleged hauntings
  • advise on remedying the phenomenon, if it has roots in scientific areas

We work:

  • silently, without publishing sensational footage on Youtube or our website.
  • by confirming possible natural phenomena
We cannot (!)
  • cleanse or exorcise a house or person
  • measure a ghost or spirit directly. There is no equipment og method, that positively can detect such an entity
  • confirm a case out of a spirtual point of view, due to our use of confirmed scientific methods
  • solve cases or respond to requests "on behalf of" other than the witness itself