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We are driven by our enthusiasm and passion for the inexplicable. This field is not regarded as traditional science.
We work with the paranormal, not only weekends.

To order a investigation, or to receive help to resolve the inexplicable, simply contact us. - The initial contact is always for free.

  • If you decide, we have to investigate further, we will ask for reimbursement of travel expenses, lodging associated with the task, and catering.
  • Travel expenses are estimated from the town of Rinken├Žs to the address of interest (round trip) 3,73 kr. / km. Ferry- and bridgeexpenses will eventually be added.
  • For longer term study (12 hours), we ask for 700 kr for start of every 12 hours  ("in the field"). For example 6 hours are 700 kr, 13 hours are 1.400 kr. Taxes included.
  • Studies and reports are all included.


How long does an investigation last?

This depends very much on the type of assignment. We have encountered:

  • Few minutes: Here we for instance receive a mail, an image or movie-clip. We can instantly determine the presence of a reflection or something else natural. This demands no further investigation.
  • A few days: Here, a investigation can take some time from initial contact to a solution. This means possibly confirm the paranormal and to  find a solution.
  • Weeks to months: Complex cases can take up to a year. We here have to investigate historical backgrounds, interview further, or deal with sporadic phenomenon on the edge of detectability. It has to be said, we will also find a solution or explanation here.


Payment for services

Image, video or audio sequence analysis. Data is sent to us via secure file-sharing.
Visit our webshop (danish homepage) to order an analysis


First inquiry in connection with a case
Always free.

You will always get to know if there will be an expense. You must approve it before continuing.

You can pay us on account 3227 10849349 and you will of course receive a thoroughly specified bill. You will be able to use mobilepay: You must inform us about your mobile phone number, as we request the amount. We also have the option of receiving payments via PayPal at the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.