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As paranormal investigators, we are able to investigate and document the unknown phenomena.
We are not able, or have the background, to make so-called healings, excorcisms or other things that involve alternative methods.
As we search for the simplest solution first, the notion of ghosts, demons and spirits will eventually come to the very end.

Regardless, however, we see that the witnesses experience one or both of these:
  •  Either suggestive phenomena (sensory reacton) that cannot be measured - since the experiences are within the witnesses own sensory world.
  • Or as physically measurable phenomena.
Regardless, it is important to emphasize that the phenomena are often perceived as annoying or bothersome.
The help from us comes as follows:
  • Clarification of a probable natural phenomenon (90% of inquiries have natural explanations).
  • Contribute to understanding a phenomenon if it has a paranormal nature (for example, "shadow beings" may be unpleasant, but there is no evidence of these being dangerous).
  • Advice on inhibiting or removing the phenomenon. Where the phenomenon is natural, we can advise on the removal of leaks, sources of noise, annoying lights or anything else that can be misinterpreted as paranormal events.
We unfortunately find that many witnesses who experience these phenomena are bothered by health-threatening factors. Therefore, it is important, urgently, to investigate any dangerous things in the house (sound, gas leaks or electrical faults) which, in the worst case, endanger life and property.