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Vision: wants to be present for those who want to have an unexplainable or paranormal event examined. We use scientific methods and do not trust our own feelings.
We will attempt to normalize everyday life for people or families who are bothered by things that are not readily explained.
With our professionalism we will be a credible partner, as support to our network, and offer any resources we can to bring this unrecognized field forward in the public and media.

Mission: has a scientific approach. We want to stand out from the ordinary ghost hunter, seen on TV.

We use "Occam's razor" ( "Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.") to investigate unusual incidents scientifically. For research, we seek information in many disciplines such as physics, chemistry and parapsychology. Similarly, we are in contact with various resource persons, writers and researchers in these areas.

Our philosophy is that all inquiries are serious, and witnesses who contact us will have a real experience. In step with the growing interest in the paranormal, it is more acceptable to  experience unexplained things.
Whether inquiries are out of curiosity, or because of a real unexplained activity, we will help to investigate with scientific methods.

We believe in the paranormal, as a physical and measurable phenomenon. Paranormal events can be very hard to explain since these reflect the physical processes we do not yet understand. These processes are close to the fringe sciene, and our biggest challenge is convincing our peers the paranormal is not "superstition".

We are convinced that: "Nothing unreal exists". We investigate scientifically and structured and are able to investigate and clarify any phenomenon. We believe, that all that has an effect in our physical world must be of physical origin. Therefore, we will not relate to phenomena such as angels, the concept of deities or other things of religious matter.

Amongst others, our scientific "mentors" are:
Parapsykologist R.B. Rhine
Investgative journalist  Lynne McTaggart
Philosof and author Allan Kardec