We will address the inexplicable events. It should immediately be noted that we do not make the so-called purifications or exorcisms.

After about 70 cases (status spring 2018), we are experiencing a predomincance of natural causes:

In 9 out of 10 cases, a natural explanation is given. Eg. electronic pollution, airdrafts or pet animal activity.
In most cases, our help is sufficient.  In the remaining cases, we refer to the right person. This can be a house-craftsman or even a clairvoyant.

In these cases, where witnesses have had unpleasant experiences, we have either found infrasound or carbon monoxide in the air. Both things can be harmful in large quantities. In severe cases one may feel like being haunted, paranoid, and even,  physically ill.

In some cases, there is a more complicated explanation, but we see many phenomena disappear, once we examine the events.
Purely speculative, the explanation can be found in complex natural context. As a paranormal event is going on, according to some theories, it originates from the border of the so-called quantum world. Subtle effects can then interact with our world.
We suspect that a simple measurement, or just a human presence, is enough to affect the paranormal to such an extent, it disappears. So you can see a paranormal investigator and his equipment as a "drain" or "lightning rod" for the phenomena going on.

We have experienced, to be surrounded by a measurable electromagnetic field, as we left areas with paranormal activity. In this way, we assume that we "dillute" the phenomenon on a large area. So large that its impact can not be felt anymore.

In another example, we have experienced to "please" the paranormal phenomenon.

The words  "Drain well." can be clearly heard by a disembodied voice, in a famous TV-show.  But to empty an old well, is not particularly exciting, and viewers find this less action-packed. Our team would  think it would be exciting to empty the well!

It reaffirms our vision that we will try to do something about an unnatural situation, using conventional science. Even the supernatural must follow certain rules! To please or help a paranormal phenomenon is like helping a friend in need.

We want to take a neutral point of view. Basically, nothing is paranormal - nor will we try to deny any paranormal event.

Our investigations of paranormal events are following a template. We use the term: Occam's principle. Exactly: The simplest explanation is often the most accurate.

  • By contacting us, the proccess begins.
  • We meet and we listen (!) Often it is very difficult to explain paranormal events, without doubting oneself. Or to have fear of redicule. We will not lead you into a particular explanation. You alone tell us, what you experience!
  • We clarify expectations. In the case of an investigation, we discuss documentation, appointments, etc
  • As we work with the paranormal as a profession, we work for a modest price. This depends on many things and will get this quickly resolved
  • We will not give an immediate explanation. We collect the information we have received, and find the next step of the study

Then things get individual. For instance, these steps are taken:
  • Study of a location
  • Documentation of paranormal events
  • Study of historic backgrounds of the paranormal event
  • Possible removal of the phenomenon

And of all: We are there for you. We do NOT make a study, leave, and put everything on Youtube.

Only on specific agreement, we publish the results. We want to help you, in a calm and dignified way.

We will clarify any grueling situation, and we will find a solution.

We are with you during and after the examination. We wish to hear from, and how you if you've moved on, based on our study.