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Our experiences

It is very different what can be done in a situation where one is faced with a phenomenon. It must be emphasized that our company cannot expel, cleanse or "catch" the paranormal phenomena.

Our status, 2023,  presents about 80 cases. There is a profound overweight of natural phenomena. The cases here are quickly solved by giving the natural cause of the phenomenon. Eg. In a house where ghosts are heard and felt, there can be heat pipes that expand, while a central heating unit does not work properly. It sends large amounts of CO gas in the air, which causes poisoning and hallucinations and in severe cases disease and even death.

In other situations, we can explain that witnesses are extremely stressed, due to family or work. This results in purely subjective experiences, without anything really happens. Stress also increases how attentive you are, which can make you notice the smallest things. Here we inform in a professional manner what we are experiencing. We do not want to make a grueling situation even worse.

And unfortunately we meet witnesses who have a history of mental illness to tell. Because of many reasons, there is maybe no control over medication and other help. This results in the witness's experiences. In these cases, we are very proud that we, in a professional and respectful manner, inform family or acquaintances, so that things can be properly handled.

About 10% of incidents are inexplicable, even to us. For that matter, some choose to get in touch with one of the clairvoyants we work with. Others even think it is nice to have "Aunt Oda" walking around and see it as a comfort.  This percentage also represents one-off events where we do not have enough information to analyze.

If it appears to be an intelligence that creates the unrest, there are methods by which you can enter a kind of dialogue with this unknown. We do not recommend special methods, but strongly advise against Oui-Ja boards, "The spirit in the glass", or other occult approaches, to seek dialogue with the unknown. A known and used method is the "ESTES" method. It requires a little equipment, but this method allows ordinary people to seek contact in a harmless and respectful way. You can read more about the "Estes method" in our dictionary.



We often find that things quiet down a bit, when we have been on your first visit at your place. The reasons can be many, but we find that just having a nice conversation, solves the problem.

For some, incense, prayer, sound and meditation does the trick. As this is beyond our scope, we will not decide whether these methods work or not. Most importantly, they work for the individual! Therefore, we have no problem in referring to these alternative methods.

In some cases, it is almost as if the phenomenon will tell something. Eg. make a specific action. And so we want to contribute.

Regardless, we will work to find a solution, and there is no completely fixed way. Perhaps the visit ends with just one interview, perhaps a craftsman has to look at a faulty heating system, or a clairvoyant must help.

Despite how the TV wants things to look, there is no recognized way to remove a paranormal phenomenon. Unless it has complete hold in the practical world. The audience should note that there is always a small "but" after the scroll texts; "... the family never got quite calm ..."

Methods to eliminate such phenomena, or definite "weapon systems", are all purely speculative. Many of these methods are based on people's own beliefs.

Although we do not have a fixed recipe, we believe:


The most simple explanation is often the most correct.

  • By contacting us, the whole process starts.
  • We meet and we listen (!) Often it is extremely difficult to explain paranormal events without doubting oneself. Or be afraid to be rediculed. We will not guide you to a particular explanation, and it is entirely up to you to explain what you are experiencing.
  • What is the expectation with our visit? What has to be documented, at what detail, do you need any more help?
  • Since this topic is our interest, we are not getting paid. However, will ask for reimbursement of transport and lodging.
  • We do not come with an immediate explanation. We collect the information we have received and find out the next step of the study.


Things then become individual. Now this can happen:

  • Continuous examination of a location.
  • Documentation of paranormal events.
  • Study of history or background of the paranormal event.
  • Remedy of the phenomenon or contacting experts.