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.... and after all - do we not all love a good ghost story? People have trouble coming forward, and admit they have experienced something unusual. But that is why we are here. We want to help you. We do not question, laugh or doubt you. We help.

Have you personally experienced smiling,  whispering: "I think I've seen a ghost once?". If yes, have you wondered, why you whispered it, and not told it loud?

The paranormal world is very taboo, and people do not readily admit, they have seen and experienced something unusual.

Double haunted
Persons exposed to paranormal events are double haunted. Firstly, these events can destroy a normal life. On top of that, the victim feels fear and certainly the imminent danger of being ridiculed. will document paranormal events from a scientific point of view, without making the events sensational. We guarantee the utmost confidentiality and we will continue to follow you.

Myth formations and stories
The paranormal world has been used to create fantasies and myths. Generations have always liked a spooky story. In the early 19th century, eerie stories have been used to educate and warn the new generation: For instance, the infidel housemaid haunts a house, because of her moral decline. You could tell a story, while making some sort of threat, that was out of control.

The eerie story in the dim living room has been replaced by Hollywood, where things go completely out of proportion with reality. But again this is just a new way to intimidate.
The human culture works by defining rules. That is why we have law and order.

It is unfortunate if someone is experiencing something supernatural or inexplicable. Could it be your imagination that went a little crazy after watching too much television?

Basic anxiety
And why not intimidate with something we all find exiting. Darkness, shock, threat to life, and loud noises. Man - Homo sapiens - the human monkey - react like their relatives in the animal kingdom. The monkeys, known as primates. To survive , they are " programmed" to be afraid of the dark, of loud noises, fast movements - all reminiscent of a predator.

The paranormal features all these topics: Darkness, fear, shock , threat. Everything feared by nature. In the past, one could easily say that you saw "The apparition of the Lame Fool," "The White Lady" , or "Hell-horse". In old  days, you could just take a word for word - without documentation. You could put morality and control in a society in a very efficient manner.

The modern world
In our modern world of smart phones and cameras all over the place , it's now easy to create a horrifying experience. Regardless of the amount of evidence, the authenticity can always be questioned.