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We use measuring methods that allows scientific documentation
The reason is simple: Only scientific approved equipment, can be used to make a scientific survey.

That is why you see our equipment used in other fields of investigation and science.

Udstyr Beskrivelse Resultat
Canon EOS 450D / Rebel DSLR

9 point autofocus

DIGIC-II processor

12,2 Megapixel

EF objektive (35mm - 80 mm)

Colorpictures in ordinary spectrum

Full daylight pictures, partial dayligt, nighttime pictures with flash.
Panasonic SDR-SW20 camcorder Watertight and G-resistant digital camcorder.


0,3 megapixel (VGA)

Sensivitiity : 2 lux

Light enhancing capability
Video in VGA format

Video in full daylight and twilight.

Night time filming, but with motion blur.
K-II EMF meter med skyggeføler. Probe to detect EMF-radiation. (Non-ionizing)

Operationg range: 50 - 20000 Hertz.

Shadow-detector triggered by altered light.

Alarm when shadow is detec ted.

The shadowdetector is now  a seperate piece of equipment.
K-II EMF meter registers field strengths analog, and displays the strengts with up to 5 LED's.

K-II EMF meter kan easily detect stray mobile-phone communication in up to 20 feet distance.

The shadow detector is very sensitive to changes in light. For instance, flashlight, shadows, car-lights.
EMF 822A Probe to detect EMF-radiation. (Non-ionizing).

Operating range: 30 til 300 Hertz from 0.1 milli Gauss to199.9 milli Gauss

The probe is single-axis, and digital.
The probe shows the field-strength in one axis.

Digital multimeter.

Measures  Volt, Ampere, Ohm
Is used to find electrical faults, problems with lights, etc. In some extent, test for build-up of static electricity.
Canon full-specturm modified DSLR.

Records light in the wavelengh 315 nm - 2000 nm.

16 Megapixel

Lens  5.0 - 80 mm

Focal length: 3.5 - 5.9
The camera is used to record light, outside the perception of the naked eye. The camera covers UV-light to near-infrared.
It is capable of recording pictures in complete darkness, visualize draft and moisture.

The pictures are slight pink.

Full-spectrum light

Light source with 6 lights
4 infrared lights
1 UV light
1 visible light

Light source, specially designed to illuminate the area of full-spectrum camera shots.

The light can be selectively shut off, so the human percieves total darkness. But the camera can be uset to navigate.
Zoom H1 recorder

Digital audio recorder

Stereo-microfone in X-Y configuration, that enables the user to locale sound.

Frequency from  1 Hz to 47000 Hz

The digital recorder generates a soundfile, where much of the sound is inaudible.

The H1 is very sensitive to sound, cars, plane-noise, and even the heartbeat felt in your hand!

Sound can be carried by miles, so be aware of the sorrundings.

Audio software MUST be used to proper analyse the sound.
Laser-net Laser with special lens
Special laser, that throws a net of laser-dots in the room. These dots can be filmed, an the slightest motion can be detected.
Bollohowell fullspektrum HD camera Digital HD camcorder

Aktive IR

Aktive white light

Fulllspectrum camera in the range of ca 315 nm to 2000 nm.

The HD camera is splendid for indoor use, an works well with full-spectrum lighting. It is possible to work in complete darkness.

The camera is capable of motion-detection.
FLIR C2 Thermal camera to detect temperature differences. Objects and temperatures between -40 to +160 celcius are easily seen.

The precision is down to 0.1 Celcius.
GM-tube Also called "geigercounter". It is used to detect ionizing radiation. Delivers counts and radioactive doses. There is no known connection between radioactivity and the paranormal. But who knows?...

We use this device fo our own protection. We often visit cellars, where Radon - a radioactive gas - can build up. This device alerts us of any precense of that gas.

SpiritBox SB-11 Frequency scanner to scan "white noise". Delivers up to two channels of white noise, that can be recorded.

It is believed, that paranormal events can affect this white noise, to make messages clear.
However, be very aware of any stray communication, mobile phones, etc.