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Select your language is a society of 2 persons, with the paranormal as passion.

We have both seen and experienced things that can not be explained, and we have always been excited about finding natural explanation for things.

Many say there is no education in the paranormal. And it is quite true. Knowledge and skills to explore the paranormal is based on personal training. You cannot take a degree in "Paranormal Investigator" or "Anormalist".

Our education covers natural sciences, physics, chemistry, material analysis and system analysis, seasoned with great interest in modern physics and its possible interaction with the paranormal.

Our values

  • Our appearance is passive. We seek not mansions, houses and people to ask for making an investigation.
  • Our appearance is anonymous. We will in no way cause a stir. As the paranormal is taboo, it is very important, that we will not approach with a whole studio-setup. Including large advertising on the cars.
  • Our approach is scientific. We make a hypothesis, make a study of the location, and prepare documentation for this study. We will in no way meet up with biased beliefs about events.
  • We're not TV-hunters. We make our paranormal investigations, in a calm and dignified manner for all parties. We are in no way interested in putting our documentation on the web and YouTube.
  • We are always there. Paranormal events can be exhausting and frustrating. Therefore, we are there for you during and after the examination.
  • And last but not least: We are professionals, and you can draw on us at all times. We are NOT just " weekend hunters ." - As the paranormal takes place all the time!

We are looking forward to help you,

Anja and Claus