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Here you can find information about data-privacy, and how we use your data.

GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation is active per May 2018, and applies to all activities that in any way stores sensitive data.

What we keep
In order to contact you in during for example cases, we will keep this information: Name, address, phone number, email address or Messenger name. If you are a customer in our webshop, we will keep the same data in order to contact you in connection with any revocation of equipment or warranty cases. The storage time of data may vary and is estimated within the product's durability. Eg. 5,10,15 years.

In order to optimize our site content, anonymous visit data is stored in Google Analytics.

legal basis
The basis for dataprocessing is the Data Protection Regulation.

Who has access
Only the owners of, have direct access to data.
No one else will be able to access data, unless there is a written agreement and permission. You will always be able to access your own data.

What we share
Contact information is provided in Facebook and Google services to make communication with our customers / witnesses as easy as possible. We do NOT share case data. This data is located on a protected central and internal server. Mails are sent via over secured connections.

Disclosure of registered data
You can contact us at any time to delete your own data, or to receive information about what data we have about you.

Anonymous data
Data that is anonymous can be used for documented research. This means, observations or cases that can not be attributed to a person or location, may be handed over to an institution or research group that can document further additional and anonymous use of data. is still responsible for any abuse, and is therefore interested in data not being handed to random.

Breach of data security
If a data security breach occurs, all affected persons will be notified within 72 hours.

External data partners
A copy of Google LLC's certification can be found here:
A copy of Facebook Inc.'s certification can be found here: