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Who is a private organization that wants to explain and document the inexplicable. Confirmed paranormal phenomena, can still be solved. Our cases extend to inexplicable sights and sounds, things moving, apparitions and sensations of hot and cold areas.
The organization consists of 2 people, with respectively one Masters Degree  in Chemistry and Physics, and a person skilled in Systems Analysis.

Moreover, we can call on external help, if necessary.


Our field of action is in Denmark and Northern Germany.
You are free to contact us with no fees of any kind. An initial conversation can often take place at persons home.


Every inquiry is recieved and treated seriously and we promise 100% anonymity. The inquiries come via Facebook Messages, phone or mail.
As the subject is very delicate, we practice 100% discretion. A real mission to visit a house or place and confirm a phenomenon, is taking place around once a month. But the paranormal knows no calendar.

The press, however, is most welcome as we can comment on general factors or working methods. We want to show transparency and openness about a phenomenon and professional working methods, that are unfortunately often made into fun curiosities and exaggerations on TV.

Only with 100% approval, we will publish the results for other than the witness himself.
For further information, you can contact by using the "contact us".

Press policy

We will basically be able to state any comment on our own workmethods. As we practice a very strict anonymity policy, we will only be able to comment on specific missions if our witness allows it.. The press and the media are also welcome to follow us on a mission if the witnesses allow it.