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The term "Fringe science" seems to be taken from a well-known TV series.
However, "Fringe science", is a quite valid term. It applies to any kind of science that does not follow the scientific mainstream. Eg. the paranormal science can be seen as fringe science.

Fringe science must follow the same hypo-deductive method that ordinary science does. will call itself an organization that among other uses "Fringe science" to explain the paranormal.
Since our method follows  the basic scientific methods, the most likely will automatically be uncovered. This means, a strange phenomenon does not have to be a "ghost".

Our "day at the office" is not as fantastic as in the series "Fringe". However, our work covers the study of paranormal phenomena, and the possible interactions with the latest theories in science:

  •     Quantum effects (How effects that usually govern nature's most fundamental forces may affect our world)
  •     The possibility of interaction between the mind, mass and energy. (Teleportation, levitation)
  •     The possibility of quantum decoherence on a large scale. (That interaction between different "worlds" / parallel universes)

It should be mentioned that there is no equipment that can measure these effects directly. We hope, however with our methods, to document these phenomena thoroughly, so one day it will be possible to explain the paranormal.