The quantum field is a relatively old, but unconfirmed theory, from the realm of physics. Only by the discovery of new theories and measuring technologies, it uncovers some of its secrets.

The quantum field is a set of attributes, that seem to be in the entire Universe and tie it together in an almost "magical" way. The quantum field is partly described, by newly discovered quantum effects and natural laws, which in principle allows sharing knowledge over a great distance. Knowledge can apparently also be shared independently of time. The quantum field describes - at the microscopic level - how energy and matter can interact in a way, that would have been superstition, just a few years ago. The field is a kind of "carpet" the whole Universe is built on. Without this field, the laws of nature would collapse.

The difference between the quantum field and the concept of "field of thought / thought field"  is that the "field of thought" is extended and studied by the alternative healers.
The theory of the quantum field is based on traditional science.