Almost everyone has seen something, they would call a spirit-orb, or just orb. An orb is a small and luminous transparent ball, that seems to float around at own will. In spiritual circles, these orbs are thought to be spirits, souls, ghosts or just energy. When photographed, these orbs also seem luminous and transparent. By zooming in, one can see a face or even a small smiley. Orbs differ from dust particles, as the particles float with the air-currents. Orbs tend to float around, like they are guided.

Many orbs, however, can be:
  • Insects, out of focus.
  • Rain or small droplets.
  • Dust (indeed).

If there are real orbs, with energy, it is hard to explain, how such a ball of energy just doesn’t fade away quickly. Scientist have compared these orbs to their cousins – the ball lightning.

In such way, an orb can be a sort of:
  • Cold plasma (like a neon tube), held together in some way by a magnetic field.
  • A hot form of Bose-Einstein condensate (that is usually -270 °C). It would be held together with a magnetic field. This can actually pass through solids.
  • Unknown form of energy / matter.
Orbs are used as a sure-fire way to confirm ghostly activity. But as they are easily photographed and captured on digital media, they are very easy to debunk. With certain software, it is extremely easy to determine if an orb is dust, water or an insect.