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"Kinect" is the name of a system in which a game participant can be a three dimensional part of a game. The system is a development of an old principle, called  "Motion Sensing". A primitive form of "motion sensing", is the automatic lightswitch.
Many have now thought that the motion sensing system can be used to track the paranormal. Instead of using cameras, and complicated set up, one can instead of film the invisible "live".

This system is introduced in the many ghost-hunter shows, - and even in movies, which are said to be "genuine".
Motion sensing systems provide a "stick-man image" of known things. Some systems are designed to recognize pets.The "Kinect" system works by finding fixed points, such as the head, elbow, knee, etc. The software then tries best to make a human-like connection between these points.

In a room there is always dust particles, and if these are just in a certains constellation, so that they form a human figure, the system will draw a stick figure. It is very easy to replicate: Shake a pillow in a sun-filled room. Out of the thousands of dust grains, you can easily make at least one dancing stick figure.

This shows that one can get positive results, by using equipment that is not suitable for that kind of measurement.