"Kinect" is the name of a system in which a game participant can be a three dimensional part of a game. The system is a development of an old principle, called  "Motion Sensing". A primitive form of "motion sensing", is the automatic light at the front door.
Many have now thought that the motion sensing system can be used to track the paranormal. Instead of using cameras, and complicated set up, one can instead of film the invisible "live".

This system is introduced in the many ghost-hunter shows, - and even in a movie, which is said to be "genuine".
Motion sensing systems provide a "stick-man image" of known things. The color of this "man" is based on the distance.
Some systems are designed to recognize pets.

According to the media and the Internet, many experienced systems turn on at night when no one was in the house. Similarly, the systems tend to register other than could be seen.
There may be many interpretations of this. It may be impurities in the lens system, dust, insects, shadows. In some cases, an unknown physical effect is a cause. But it is NOT neccesarily supernatural.
This shows again, you have to be incredibly careful to use equipment that you are unfamiliar with the operation of, to prove the supernatural with.

In the long term - when the motion sensing is more bug-free, we will of course use these technologies.