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Many ask us if we can recommend  a clairvoyant or someone with skills in eg. cleansings. As such, the person contacting us is convinced that unnatural things are happening. We respect the choice of the person, on a situation that does not necessitate our services. We therefore have no problem referring to a clairvoyant.

Our team works on the basis of the Hypo-Deductive scientific method, that starts out with a hypothesis, and then ends up finding firm evidence that something is inexplicable (or not).

We have learned that a haunting or unknown activity in a house often can be attributed lights, various coincidences, or even poor indoor climate or building conditions.

In these cases, the right professional will be a craftsman who can correct these issues.
In cases where we cannot find a natural explanation, we refer to a person with more unusual powers.

Regardless, we treat all inquiries with the utmost seriousness, and we will always help.