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Many ask us who the team paranormal-efterforskning is supporting? The spiritual people, with the belief in the existence of spirits and ghosts. Or skeptics who see natural solutions, and deny the paranormal.
At the time writing, there is no technical way to "measure" a ghost.

We would like to bring together these two worlds. We use scientific deduction, to come to a conclusion. With our work, we collect data that complies with the standards of research work.
Therefore, our work will help to find the truth - no matter what. We gather the information on a task. But we have no opinion on what is really happening. This is precisely why we are investigating this.

Ghosts, spirits and energies are therefore as real explanations to us, as extreme electromagnetic noise from power systems. We do not take the step to treat every interference and strange occurence as paranormal.  We have not the ability, nor the knowledge, to deduct that "cute ol' granny" is haunting the livingroom. However, we can confirm any occurrence of the paranormal.

Modern physics are just starting to approach the explanation of paranormal phenomena, although there is a very long way to go.