The short answer ... No ...
We receive very often this question. The short answer is: "No". Our success lies in the small and mobile  team we are, where participants have an exeptional confidence with each other. It is also associated with the resource people we work with, or those who call on us.
Our vision is - at any time - to appear professional, and - for all the world - not do what  "everyone else does on TV."

Witnesses safety and rights rather than the YouTube popularity
We will protect the witnesses as best we can, and therefore we choose not to accept any new members  Witnesses often tell about very personal things and experiences. It would be a disaster, if such information went public.
The risk  is that a stranger comes to the team, just for "kicks".  We also assess that enthusiasm so may end up in a YouTube video that is not in our or the witness control. The "stupidities" however, we make and which are anonymous, we refer to. It belongs to job satisfaction!

The long answer ..
There are resource persons in the whole country,  that are interesting to us. Eg. helps clairvoyant Annette Edel where all our technology and science gives up. Here we have documented a property of Annette showing she does not quite follow the laws of nature.
If you think you can help the team with knowledge or otherwise, please send us an email or private Facebook message. We sort a lot of inquiries and we will then ask for a visit, so we can see who you are and what you represent.