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We choose to support and advise so far, our knowledge and conscience allow it.
In some cases you will find that we refuse to take a case. We will act on our own, if we determine life or health are at risk.

This is based on the fact that we unfortunately know cases, where witnesses are misinformed or directly misled by a foreign party. - This could have happened before our visit, or during our case processing.
The advise from the foreign parties, is almost quackery. Unfortunately, we have heard and experienced witnesses who have been advised, to cut down on medicine or the like, to follow a particular alternative treatment.

We seriously consider a situation in which witnesses are told to make actions that endanger life or health. strongly rejects any unprofessional approach to a situation that can potentially make a problem bigger or situation worse.

Our integrity means that we act in a given case, if we see that the witness has a disease or is in an environment that makes the witness or relatives sick.
We will never advise a witness in violation against another professional advice or ethical rule. Eg. advise a witness to stop his medication.

However, we still solve our tasks with an open mind. In a practical case where a witness has had the feeling of being haunted, the cause has been a defective stove. This emitted fatal amounts of chimney gas (CO gas). The witness was simply poisoned and immediately regained health after the stove was repaired. Despite our openness, we have no problem in "shaking up people" if a wrong attitude means immediate danger. We accept the witness to be a little dissatisfied, if we do not find the newly departed "Aunt Oda".