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Previously, you have been free to contact to have had analyzed a picture or a sequence that you think contains something inexplicable. We are happy to solve these tasks, since the vast majority of people, who are approaching us, have a desire to clarify what they have seen or experienced.

Unfortunately, not all inquiries are sincere. We experience pranksters who want to test our work. Even people who, for various reasons, are looking for some kind of company or attention. Some just send a link to YouTube, where they have found a creepy clip. Afterwards they want a comment on that clip.
This is too easy, if the service is free. And it takes up valueable time, we could use on real cases.

We have therefore choosen to set a limited case fee. This is in the very "cheap end", because otherwise one must pay an institute or engineering company to make the tests.

The amount must be paid before we start the case, and we hope in this way to make room for those, who are in serious business. We do not assume a prankster will spend a fee on getting a good laugh. It can be made cheaper.

It should be noted that the fee depends on the complexity. If the material sent is hours of video, or many pictures, we reserve our right to settle an hourly rate. See under "Prices".