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In todays technological world, it is incredibly easy to make a ghost video. Or get something to move mysteriously.

It requires a camera, digital camcorder and a PC. Then you are on your way to make a great documentary about ghosts.

It is said that extraordinary things require extraordinary evidence. And today YouTubes videos just aren't enough.

The word "documentation" must be understood properly. It must be used to document the study scientifically:

  • What we need to examine.
  • What we expect from the study.
  • What equipment is required by the study.
  • Who participates in the study.
  • The study itself - video, image and sound.
  • Exact times of various events.
  • The use of Occam's principle: The simplest explanation is the correct.
  • By process of elimination, disclose obvious explanations and then end at a possible paranormal event.
  • Submitting the documentation to our person of contact.