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TV, the Internet and cinema is filled with so-called "true stories" about hauntings and poltergeist activities.
Many people are indeed experiencing odd and inexplicable events, and our society is contacted on a weekly basis. The experiences are very hard to describe, and many feel insecure, what they should believe. Still their experiences are far from Hollywood and TV.
We are often contacted, due to knocking sounds or shadows.
It is easy to make an "crash-in" investigation, with shaky camera-setups, blurry visions and screams. And maybe a little editing and enhancement. Many teams make investigations for own exitement, and seldom for documentation.

The only confirmed and scientific documented cases of hauntings have been:
"The Amityville Horror": In November 1974, a family was brutally murdered in a house in Amityville in the United States. A family that moved in the following year, was haunted by unknown forces.

"The hauting in Conneticut": A family moved to a house in Conneticut in the United States. Soon thereafter - in 1986 - the family was haunted by unknown forces, which apparently affected their son.

Of course, Hollywood filmmakers have made these events to films. However, there is plenty of written documentary on these cases. Whether the cases are true or not, is up to the reader to decide. The cases have been thoroughly studied by both skeptics and believers.

If you feel such an event taking place, please do not hesitate to contact us. As professionals, we will do our very best to solve, what is going on!