The short answer
Visit our you tube channel here:  Here
Pictures, clips and research kan be seen under "Cases" and "Research".

The long answer:
100% proof of the supernatural seems to be everywhere on the Internet. Often, skeptics, can dismiss individual cases.
Believers and
skeptics in the paranormal are in a sort of warfare. Often accusing each part of hoaxing, tampering with data, ignoring facts etc. Laughed at and often ridiculed.

Today it is all too easy to fake images, audio and video. For those, who want pictures of a full fledged daemon, running toward a camera that is dropped: Turn on the TV or browse the Internet!
CGI and manipulation is evident.

Our paranormal society use, what pranksters seldom have: Patience and will to document in detail. Our cases will over time be accessible in the category "cases". Mainly in Danish, later than translated to International Audience.

Our society hopes - over time - to have gathered so much evidence, that we will be able to awaken
an honest scientific interest in the paranormal.

We have strict
consent of the owners and participants in publishing the clips. We will never reveal any data or personal information to any part, other than the participants.