The short answer

See e.g. our youtube channel here
Pictures, clips, and research can be viewed under the menu item "Cases" and "Research"

The long answer

We are still waiting for the 100% proof of the paranormal. (Sorry to say)

Today it is all too easy to forge images, audio and video. So it becomes increasingly difficult to confirm anything, with presenting just one image or clip. Unfortunately, we have nothing sensational. Our best advice is: Turn on TV or search the Internet!

We use, what no forger owns: Patience and structured analysis that will be able to uncover any attempted deception. We occasionally receive things for analysis, just to find them obviously forged. In general: The more spectacular something seems, the greater is the likelihood of scam.

We have obtained permission from the owners and participants in the clips, in order to make clips on our site public. We will never disclose information or personal information to any party without permission.