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Our team makes no cleansings, purifications or exorcisms.

Whatever activity that may take place at a location, we make no cleansings or even exorcisms. These are religious acts, based on a personal faith.

We do not conduct rituals, and can only bring scientific salvation!

Personal belief-patterns have a strong impact on the "service" wanted: For instance, a catholic person would like an exorcim. A protestant would like a blessing.
An exorcism or purification is seen as a way to bring peace to a haunted house or bring tranquility into the paranormal events.

As a matter of fact an exorcism, where a daemon is believed to posses a person, cannot be made at private home. It must - accoording to catholic traditions - be made on holy ground. This is greatly misunderstood by TV and movies.

Our competence is to document and raise awareness about the paranormal. We have no expertise in religious matters.