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We receive many inquiries about the activity level of supernatural phenomena. People experience, that there is more activity at night. People experice strange light, sound or other supernatural phenomena when darkness falls.
There are no specific time periods for paranormal activities. Paranormal activities are the phenomena that can be interpreted as ghost and poltergeist phenomena.
There are several reasons why people traditionally think nights are most haunted:
  • Most often, people mention the Ghost Hour in the time 00.00 - 01.00. The turn of midnight  has a lot of magic. From old traditions, the 12 heavy strikes from the grandfather clock is a good catalyst for the supernatural. But now many people go to bed later, so has the Ghost hour been moved to between 03.00 and 04.00. This time is also called the "witching hour". There is a tradition that many energies at this time are at their highest. And it makes biological sense. At this very moment, our senses are sharpest, and the brain in a state that is very receptive to sensory impressions. Moreover, this period of time is also mostly very quiet. Here there is no traffic, sunlight, etc., which can disturb the impressions.
  • At night, the senses are sharper. We can better see changes in light, hear quite faint sounds, and feel temperature and pressure effects. For that reason, one also notices better things at night. The brain is in a state, where we are also very susceptible to hallucinations.
  • And in pretty much every movie and story, darkness and night must be a part. This contributes to the horror as man is biologically programmed to be afraid of the dark.