The term “teleportation” has existed since spiritism took hold in the 1920s.

Teleportation describes an event, where matter suddenly is created out of nowhere. Or that matter is moved from one place to another – in spite of not moving in a path.
Teleportation is theoretically possible, but only by the use of an amount of energy and instrumentality, not implemented by our technology yet.
If teleportation as possible, as a natural phenomenon, is unknown.

Often, teleportation is seen in ghost- or poltergeist activites. Things are apparantly moved, when one blink or just turn the back for at short while.
This tends some scientist to believe, these events follow quantum-mechanical laws. A concept is, that an object can be at infinitely many places, at the same time – until it is observed.

According to the laws of quantum mechanics, energy and matter is the same thing - just in different states. In principle, matter may spontaneously occur out of "nothing", but according to the same rules, it will be accompanied by strong discharges of energy. Eg. in the form of nuclear radiation, and other electromagnetic radiation.