Telepathy is the alleged ability to transmit information between two individuals, without the use of conventional communication.
In 1882 ”telepathy” was first used by Frederic Myers, who investigated this topic. Until then, other terms were used.

Even earlier, experiments were made, in sending telepathic messages and energies between people. The famous Benjamin Franklin debunked the ability of a French nobleman who claimed to use ”animal magnetism” on things and other people. The nobleman personally preferred the young ladies of the Aristocracy!

Telepathy was thoroughly studied in the American project ”STARGATE”, that ended in the late 1990s.
Telepathy in its simple form, consists of reading another person thoughts. Or send thoughts to another person. In a certain test, a person must look at photography, and then send the image to a receiver, through his mind. The receiving person must then draw or describe what he ”sees” in his mind.
The project STARGATE showed a certain success.

STARGATE was also used to investigate the use of telepathy to plant wrong orders in the mind of the enemy. Or to find out what the enemy was doing. The project also investigated to possibility to contact spies mentally.

A concluding report stated, that the traditional spy-methods were more cost effective than STARGATE.
The feeling of having telepathic abilities or be victim of telepathy has been long known as a symptom of certain mental disorders.