MKULTRA – pronounced ”em kay oltra” - sounds like a secret American experiment. And truly, it was. Many believe this project worked solely on humans, with the goal of  evoking paranormal effects.

MKULTRA  took place from 1953 to 1984, and consisted of about 150 active experiments in every aspect of the human psyche:

The project contained, for instance:
  • Investigation of chemicals that can ease the interrogation of people. It resulted in drugs like LSD, Barbiturates and kinds of ”truth serums”. Subjects under influence of these drugs, will find it hard to lie.
  • Investigation of chemicals, that can enhance perception. Also experiments, with drugs that allegedly can induce clairvoyance in ordinary people.
  • Investigation in drugs that can cause memory loss or induce false memories. The drug ”Angeldust” was very much used.
  • Investigation in drugs, that can cause paralysis. These result were later used in further development of chemical warfare.
  • Investigation in drugs, that can cause severe hallucinations. Declassified documents tell us, experiments have been performed in New York subways. And also in the French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit in 1951. The event in 1951 was  covered up, by explaining it with a poisoning of the food-mold Ergot.
The project was canceled in 1984, with an official report. The report regretted the many deaths, (150) that could be directly linked to Angeldust, LSD and other drugs. No enhancement in clairvoyance or the paranormal have  been noted.