This is the phenomenon, which describes the human mind's ability to perceive patterns, that do not exist. It can be, for instance "The Man in the Moon".
The human brain is able to perceive faces in pictures, where none exist.

The brain is a fantastic computer, that is hardwired to detect faces and patterns, already in early age. This enables us to recognize our parents.
As the human is a social being (genetically a primate along with man apes), it is important to our brain and eyes, to recognize faces and human figures.

Almost on daily basis, we receive video or pictures, where witnesses have found faces in bushes, on walls and shadows. Initially we see exactly the same, but as we use special software, it is evident these figures are just random.

Can you see faces too?
  • See the wondering  wall outlet
  • See the happy car with smiling headlights and wide grinning cooler
  • See the smiley on SMS: colon + hyphen + brackets close
  • A house with two small windows and a large door?

Pareidolia is not a disease, and if you pay notice to  these examples above, you suddenly faces all over the place!