A place-spirit is sometimes also called a nature-spirit. That spirit is used to describe a sort of mood at a certain place. Such spirits have been worshiped, throughout Europe, before the dawn of Christianity.

Today there is again an increase in believers. They see the nature being populated with many nature-spirits.

The term as such is abstract, and is best defined as the essence of a geographic location. For instance, forest-spirit, lake-spirit, mountain-spirit.
The spirit can show itself in many ways: A mood, a light, a pattern in the ground or trees. Or even as an entity. They can be benign or malevolent.
Old rituals, performed by American natives, address these spirits. There are holy areas, but also areas that can only be accessed with life at stake.

One area is “Brown Mountain” in USA. Scientists have confirmed sounds of screaming, unexplained entities, lights and sounds.

In the late 2000s a scientific team from National Geographic, conducting experiments, had to leave the area. They were not attacked, but most of their equipment malfunctioned.