Materialization is a well-known, phenomenon in the paranormal realm. This is mostly experienced in the so-called poltergeist cases.
The phenomenon is evident by objects that have not been there before, suddenly shows up. The phenomenon differs from Telekinesis, where things move by themselves.

Materialization can be violent where an object suddenly falls out of thin air. - Often without any logical relation to the environment itself: An antique pocket watch, a crystal vase or other things, unfamiliar to the witness.

Materialization can also have a more peaceful property. In an anecdote, a witness asked, "Where did I put my purse," and  moments later, the purse was on a shelf!
In another (unconfirmed) case of a haunting, a small cute cat figure of porcelain was apparently the center of some unpleasant experiences. No matter how many times the cat figure was crushed, thrown out, buried, etc - the figure appeared on a fireplace shelf without a scratch a few seconds later.

Natural explanation?
It is very difficult to give a natural explanation for a materialization. Many may think of teleportation where one thing "phases out" of space, and then reappears somewhere else. - Just think of many science fiction movies!
However, materialization is different, as apparently there is no "source" - that is - matter emerges from the thin air.

The Universe is marvelous, and is governed by laws called "Laws of Thermodynamics". These laws can be seen as a very strict bookkeeper, who ensures that the whole Universe is in balance regarding matter and energy. The laws of thermodynamics dictate that nothing in our Universe cannot be created or destroyed - it can only be transformed.  This means - things cannot just appear or disappear.

White holes?
The vase that falls out of a kind of "hole" over the coffee table must come from somewhere. Perhaps a "white hole" - which corresponds to a "black hole". The white hole sends out matter and energy instead of sucking everything up. Such a phenomenon, however, will emerge in an event followed by extremely strong radiation. And the question is whether you can live long enough to tell about the phenomenon, due to acute radiation poisoning!

Energy-matter interaction
Perhaps this is an interaction between energy and matter. Modern quantum physics describes that matter is simply energy in a condensed form. Like rain can be condensed out of humidity. To form e.g. a vase out of energy, huge amounts of energy must be used. The quantities are so large that everything would burst in flames in the house due to the energy, needed to create the vase.

Random events?
Einstein said "God does not play dice". But modern quantum physics tells us that everything is possible. And that everything can happen, even with the tiniest amount of probability. A vase falling out of the air over the coffee table is very unlikely - but not impossible!

The human factor
Of course,  there is also the human factor. Cases about eg. materialization have never been confirmed. Cases can be due to many reasons: Stressed witnesses or misinterpretation of a situation. Unfortunately, fraud has also been reported.