Everybody can see the ghost hunter for one’s mind’s eye.

The term is not new, as it was coined in the early 20th century, long time before movies and television made their tributes.

The classical ghost hunter has evolved from the Victorian nobleman to the “Ghost Adventures” of today. Sadly, the public view on the ghost hunter of today, could be better. The term “Ghost hunter” is very negative, and is almost jokingly said about any, who has interest in the paranormal. Any person calling for a ghost hunter is easily stigmatized.

But was is the ghost hunter? Many would say, the ghost hunter:
  • Is able to find a ghost or paranormal phenomenon.
  • Is able to fight or remove the ghost, by means of some system – almost reminiscent to a weapons system.
  • Is able to register the ghost, by the means of technological devices.
  • Is able to register the ghost, by means of unproven abilities.
  • Searches for the paranormal, for pure exitement.

Everybody calling themselves “Ghost hunter” are certainly faced with ridicule. This is indeed sad, because the reason why these phenomena exists, is very real and needs serious – and scientific – attention.