A haunting is a common term for a state of experiencing events that cannot be explained.

Hauntings seem to center around houses or geographic locations.

Hauntings are not easy to explain or define. Hauntings be many things, listed here in severity:
  •     Inexplicable sounds
  •     Inexplicable visions
  •     Sensation of the presence of strangers
  •     Faucets that can open themselves
  •     Things disappear
  •     Things are moved
  •     Things are violently thrown
  •     People are pushed or touched
Hauntings have been accounted for, throughout history.
The most significant haunting is the case of "The Amityville Horror". In December 1975, the Lutz family moved into a house, in Amityville, Long Island, USA. Shortly before, the house was the site of a cruel family murder. Shortly afterwards, the Lutz family moved after being terrorized by unknown forces.

The case has been well-documented, but skeptics believe the whole incident has been a result of everything from insurance fraud to the promotion of a new book.

Powerful electromagnetic fields have been shown to affect the brain enough to explain - at least some of - the events not seen by several witnesses at once:
  • Disturbed cellular salt balance in the body, giving hallucinations, which are also the cause of: Inexplicable sounds, vision, sense of presence
  • Disturbed cellular salt balance in the body affects the nerves which is the reason for: The feeling of loosing balance and being pushed or touched
  • Destroyed cell chemistry causes sudden blackouts or sleepwalking, which may be the cause to things being moved, thrown or otherwise affected
An elevated concentration of chimney gas (CO gas) has similar effect.

Therefore, an alleged haunting must always be seen in a larger context: Test of environment, possible stress and examination through scientific approach. A haunting can be potentially fatal - not in the form of something paranormal - but because of dangerous indoor environment.