Holographic memory is expression known from cosmology - that is, the evolution of the Universe.

In cosmology, a phenomenon, called "The memory of the Universe" is sometimes mentioned. This is based on scientific knowledge, how information is spread. Let's just take an electric bulb as an example, hung up in empty space, which is a very theoretical example:
  1. When the bulb is switched on, the light from the bulb will be transmitted in all directions, with the speed of light (about 300,000 km / s).
  2. The "lights on" event is an information and that information is transmitted with also 300,000 km / s.
  3. If a person is located, say 3.000.000 km away, observes this, he will notice this 10 seconds later. He can also detect that the bulb is turned off.
  4. Everywhere in the Universe, one can experience the same thing, with a powerful enough telescope. One will be able to see the "light bulb on / off" event.
  5. If we could somehow put a kind of "photographic film" on the entire inside of the Universe, it would be possible to accurately calculate the bulb: When was it turned on, off, which model it was and its entire history. This is not just theory, it is a mathematical and physical fact!
  6. It is now said that the Universe in a way "remembers" everything that has happened and one can come back to a situation by gathering all the information from the "photographic film".

The principle also suggests that the same thing happens in the living room. A person is sitting in the living room, and the floor, the ceiling and the wall now "receive" information about the person. Here, however, the distance is not that great. And here one can easily physically measure that a person warms the room with his presence.

Does it sound familiar? In paranormal circles, it is said that events can make "imprints" in time and in the surroundings. Under certain circumstances, it is believed that this information then can be "replayed" in a sort of paranormal event. However, how to make the universe "replay" the information is uncertain.