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Daemon (also demon) can mean different things:
  • A being, with an evil that exceeds a person's ability. The devil himself or one of his subjects.
  •  In mythology and religion: An unclean spirit.
  •  A being responsible for a daemonic possession.
In the liberal religious community of the Western World, daemons are gradually accepted, regardless of religion. This is very much affected by media and TV.

The different religions each have their own view of demons.
Christianity:  Fallen angels, deceased who obey Satan, and "hybrids" who are cross-bred angels and humans.
Islam: Does not directly support the daemon concept. Rather, mischievous creatures, called Djinn, Afarit and Shayatin exist. Their punishment against man must be approved by God.
Hinduism: Does not directly support the daemon concept. As reborn and incarnated, one can be condemned to live life as a restless soul, and may well annoy people. But the incarnated soul is not evil.
Wicca: There are negative energies, but there are no daemons.

In the Western World; demon is mentioned interchangeably, and gradually the word has lost its true meaning. However, in occult and spiritual circles, it is a clearly defined term.
Daemons are shown a lot in TV shows, with quite non-objective and sensational comments. Today, it is unfortunately easy to make pseudo-documentation of daemonic activity using modern aids.

Modern faked depiction of deamon, or is it a zombie, or even alien?Modern faked depiction of deamon, zombie, or even alien? Viral clip from the Internet. Such a fraud is easily revealed by analyzing the image and interviewing the witnesses. / Public Domain