Daemon (also demon) can mean different things:

  • A creature with an evil that exceeds the human comprehension.
  • In mythology and religion: an unclean spirit.
  • A creature that forms the basis of possession.
In most religions,  a demon is just a creature that is not human. As human beings, a daemon can be good or evil.

In media, a daemon is often as a creature with an evil that is unnatural. In such cases persons or even houses can be possessed by a demonic force.
Depending on the religious belief, daemons exist. They do not exists in the protestant-christian belief, but in the catholic-christian belief.


Modern faked depiction of deamon, or is it a zombie, or even alien?
Modern "viral clip" of daemon, or is it a zombie, or even alien? If paranormal-efterforskning.dk encountered such "thing", we would also pull out!