EMF is the abbreviation for Electromagnetic Field.

In paranormal studies, so-called EMF-detectors are used to search for paranormal energy or ghosts.

Many objects emit EMF. This happens, when electric current travels through cables and other conductors.
This current produces an EMF that can be measured with a suitable detector. This detector works in the unit Tesla or Gauss. These are also used to define, for example, Earth's magnetic field. Other sources can be routers, electrical transformers and television sets.

It is theorized that paranormal events can be linked to the presence of EMF. By measuring an elevated value of the EMF, a proof of a ghost or paranormal event is made. However, there is no scientific reason, why a ghost or paranormal event should emit radio waves.

The term EMF is a bit misleading. EMF is the common description for every type of electromagnetic field. Xray, radiowaves, light, radiation and every other kinds of fields, belong to the electromagnetic field. The EMF-meter - often seen on TV - does not register every type of field. It measures the magnetic components, and some better models measure electric fields. The frequency range of operation is typically between 50 Hz and 20.000 Hz.

EMF meters are often used as a direct proof of  the paranormal. However, one must be aware that such a sensitive device can register:
  •     Electric currents from a brick wall that is hit by wind or structural stress
  •     Electrostatic charge of the surroundings
  •     Radars
  •     Metallic objects in motion (Cars)
  •     Transformers
  •     Cell phones
  •     Lightning and electrical phenomena that occur in the atmosphere even in clear weather

The fields can easily move hundreds of meters depending on the strength. Therefore, it is important to make an initial measurement ("baseline") to exclude noise. Likewise, remember to take measurements as part of a larger context. Similarly, one should also be careful interpreting the results. The EMF meter can not measure a ghost. Likewise, one should be carefull, when playing "guessing games" with the energy found. How can you be sure that the energy has understood that one blink means "yes" and two blink means "no"?

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