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Electronic pollution is also called "electronic smog".
In our society there are electrical appliances all over. TV, radio, PC etc. As they are powered by electricity, they develop a kind of "waste" during operation. Namely, electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

The electromagnetic fields can be measured with an "EMF - meter". The equipment is used in everyday life to find electrical wiring in walls.

The electrostatic fields can be specially felt at an old TV, where one can get the fingers zapped when touching the screen. This can be measured with a so-called electrostatic field meter.

New studies show that humans can be affected by these fields. People who are staying at or near high voltage plants are particularly vulnerable. The fields can:
  • Create hallucinations
  • Create a sense of presence
  • Create headaches and circulatory disorders
  • Create sleeping disorders
  • In severe cases, epileptic conditions occur

There are now associations that wishes to reduce the amount of this electromagnetic smog. It is eg. by advising home users to buy equipment that does not make these fields.