A shadow entity is the description of a creature best explained as a shadow. These vary in size, transparency, and the ability to interact with the environment. The creatures are often seen out of the corner of the eye and in a brief moment.

The shadow does not follow the surroundings, like it should be expected. It is reported to float in the room, without any light source to cast it. They have been reported to be completely massive objects. A shadow entity can very well be paranormal, and these events make out the most of the paranormal cases.

Paranormal investigators have equipment specially made for detecting shadows, and detecting the mass of it.
As the Shadow Entity can be a shadow of a tree, cast by outdoor lights, some entities are reported to be about 9 feet tall, almost "Alien - like". Some are complete silent - others may talk.

Some cases report a very passive entity, while others suggest a more "solid" being that can manipulate it's surroundings.

These enitites can be part of a more complex set of events. For example a haunting or poltergeist-activity.



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There are many opinions what a shadow creature can be.

  • Some believe this is a hallucination associated with deep sleep.
  • Others believe there are real creatures who find themselves in a kind of parallel world. Under certain circumstances, our worlds can "mix" together.

If you want to get rid of such a "creature", the solutions are not easy. Like everything in the paranormal realm. In the case of shadows and light  it is naturally easy to solve - with a simple housekeeping! Some find a solution in yelling at, or talking to, the entity.

There are different approaches to the shadow people. Some think the beings feel "jealous" of a persons lifestyle, happiness, personal joy etc.
Still others believe that shadow people feel attracted of misfortune, hatred, grief, etc.

In only a fraction of the anecdotal cases, the entities seem protective and benign.